Small Town Monsters - The Mothman of Point Pleasant Review


The crew of Small Town Monsters has, so far, given us three wonderful documentaries.  As good as those are, their upcoming 4th film, The Mothman of Point Pleasant, has a lot to live up to. 

Having had the opportunity to recently view the film, I can tell you it not only does that, it surpasses them and any other documentary about our winged friend that I have seen.  Writer and director Seth Breedlove weaves a web so masterfully that the opening sequence alone is enough to draw you in like a Mothman to a ’57 Chevy.

This film could be called (a la Stephen Hawking) “A Brief History of Point Pleasant”, because it is so much more than a monster movie about the Mothman.  The main focus of this history being, of course, the 13-month period for which the area is so well known.  Yes, the Mothman is a big player in that time frame, but this film tells so much more.  From the Battle of Point Pleasant and Chief Cornstalk to the World War II TNT factory and the eventual collapse of the Silver Bridge.  These are told through eyewitness accounts, newspaper archives, audio recordings, wonderful animations, and Lyle Blackburn’s masterful narration over the backdrop of Zac Palmisano’s exquisite cinematography and Brandon Dalo’s beautiful, and haunting score.

One of the main take-aways of The Mothman of Point Pleasant that separates it from a majority of the other documentaries in this genre is that in no way does this film try to persuade you that the Mothman is real or not; it is simply a recount of events that occurred in a small West Virginia town.  It presents the main theories about the Mothman all the way from mutated-supernatural-alien-winged-thing to migrating sandhill crane.  So, whether you are a believer in the Mothman, a sceptic, or just a history buff, you will enjoy this film.


The Mothman of Point Pleasant will be available on DVD and streaming June 2.  To pre-order it or for more information go to

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