Help Out Some Animals in Need...And Get a Cool Shirt too!

It's getting to be that time of year when we start think about the less fortunate a little more than usual.  We often forget that this includes our less fortunate furry friends too.  No, not destitute Sasquatches and Yetis; our canine and feline pals.  

Here's a way you can help them out, and get a pretty rockin' shirt all in one fell swoop.  When we get to our target goal of at least 50 Pair O' Normal Guys shirts sold, two things will happen.  First, at least 50 people will be the proud owners of an awesome shirt.  Second, ALL of that money will be donated to the Kentucky Humane Society to help them out.  

So...Buy a shirt, help out some animals, bask in that warm, glowy feeling of goodwill.