Small Town Monsters - The Mothman of Point Pleasant Review


The crew of Small Town Monsters has, so far, given us three wonderful documentaries.  As good as those are, their upcoming 4th film, The Mothman of Point Pleasant, has a lot to live up to. 

Having had the opportunity to recently view the film, I can tell you it not only does that, it surpasses them and any other documentary about our winged friend that I have seen.  Writer and director Seth Breedlove weaves a web so masterfully that the opening sequence alone is enough to draw you in like a Mothman to a ’57 Chevy.

This film could be called (a la Stephen Hawking) “A Brief History of Point Pleasant”, because it is so much more than a monster movie about the Mothman.  The main focus of this history being, of course, the 13-month period for which the area is so well known.  Yes, the Mothman is a big player in that time frame, but this film tells so much more.  From the Battle of Point Pleasant and Chief Cornstalk to the World War II TNT factory and the eventual collapse of the Silver Bridge.  These are told through eyewitness accounts, newspaper archives, audio recordings, wonderful animations, and Lyle Blackburn’s masterful narration over the backdrop of Zac Palmisano’s exquisite cinematography and Brandon Dalo’s beautiful, and haunting score.

One of the main take-aways of The Mothman of Point Pleasant that separates it from a majority of the other documentaries in this genre is that in no way does this film try to persuade you that the Mothman is real or not; it is simply a recount of events that occurred in a small West Virginia town.  It presents the main theories about the Mothman all the way from mutated-supernatural-alien-winged-thing to migrating sandhill crane.  So, whether you are a believer in the Mothman, a sceptic, or just a history buff, you will enjoy this film.


The Mothman of Point Pleasant will be available on DVD and streaming June 2.  To pre-order it or for more information go to

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So many places to go, so little time!

Here is the post that Ken Gerhard put up on Facebook...

Thanks to all my FB friends who provided me with good info! Here is a hypothetical list of 2017 Bigfoot/Cryptozoology Conferences –

01/28 – Squatch Fest – Longview, Washington
02/18 – Nebraska Bigfoot Conference – Hastings, Nebraska
03/11 – Bigfoot Bonanza – San Francisco, California
03/18 – Boggy Bottom Bigfoot Festival – Coalgate, Oklahoma
04/01 - Cryptomundo Night at the Museum – Austin, Texas
04/22 – Arkanasas Bigfoot Conference – Vilonia, Arkansas
05/06 – Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure – Benner’s Meadow Run
05/06 – North American Dogman Project Event – Cravens Bay Campground
05/20 – Ohio Bigfoot Conference – Lore City, Ohio
06/ - Creature Weekend – Cambridge, Ohio
06/ - Down South Bigfoot Rally – Hattiesburg, Mississippi
08/ - New Mexico Bigfoot & Paranormal Festival – Farmersville, New Mexico
08/26 – Squatch Fest – Perrysville, Ohio
09/02 – International Bigfoot Conference – Kennewick, Washington
09/09 – Crytpid Con – Frankfort, Kentucky
09/ - Burr Oak State Park Bigfoot Conference – Glouster, Ohio
09/ - Bigfoot Days – Willow Creek, California
09/ - Mothman Festival – Point Pleasant, West Virginia
09/ - Minerva Monster Day – Minerva, Ohio
09/23 – Big Sky Bigfoot Conference – Hamilton, Montana
10/ - Squatchoberfest – Williamsburg, Massachusetts
10/ - Honobia Bigfoot Festival – Honobia, Oklahoma
10/ - Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium – Stillwell, Oklahoma
10/07 – Texas Bigfoot Conference – Jefferson, Texas
10/07 – Virginia Bigfoot Conference – Bristol, Virginia
10/14 – Albawitch Day – Columbia, Pennsylvania
10/ - Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo – Dewittville, New York
10/ - Boggy Creek Festival – Fouke Arkansas
11/ - Sasquatch Summit – Ocean Shores, Washington
UP Michigan Bigfoot Conference
Hocking Hills Bigfoot Conference – Ohio
Anomalist’s Books and Brews – Lexington, Oklahoma

Contact your travel agent ASAP!

Help Out Some Animals in Need...And Get a Cool Shirt too!

It's getting to be that time of year when we start think about the less fortunate a little more than usual.  We often forget that this includes our less fortunate furry friends too.  No, not destitute Sasquatches and Yetis; our canine and feline pals.  

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So...Buy a shirt, help out some animals, bask in that warm, glowy feeling of goodwill.

PONG on Within the Chaos Internet Radio at 2016 Paracon

Chad and I sat down with Rodney and Robyn from the Within the Chaos internet radio show at the 2016 Paracon in Brandenburg.  Here's a link to the show (it's the one labeled Sat 24 Sep 2016) Give it a listen. They talked with some of the people and vendors at the show, but if you want to get right to the juicy PONG part, go to the 44:00 minute mark.

Rodney and Robyn do their show on Thursday nights from 10:00 PM until 11:00 PM EST.  You can find it at

A Public Service Announcement from Pair O' Normal Guys

While the new show is delayed as Chris is learning all about the ins and outs of audio editing, here's a handy public service announcement.  It's our Independence Day gift to you, the listeners.

As this weekend is the weekend of the Fourth of July, you will more than likely see many lights in the sky such as those pictured below.  These are (more than likely) NOT visitors from a far off planet waging war in our atmosphere!  Once again, we (almost) guarantee, NOT aliens.  They are simply fireworks...probably. 

Happy Independence Day!

Thank you,

Your friends at PONG 

NOT an Alien Craft

NOT an Alien Craft

Slight delay with Episode 5...

Dear listeners, due to computer issues, Memorial Day, and a kindergarten graduation, Episode 5 is on slight delay. If all goes well it should be up later tonight though. Until then feel free to listen or re-listen to the old shows, like our Facebook page, donate to the "Chad needs new headphones campaign", you know... any of those things would be great.   

The Bad Boys of Paranormal Podcasts

Hello, loyal listeners and true believers. If you happened to see a new post show up and then mysteriously disappear the other day, you weren't imagining it. When we put up the video of Chad's interview with Jeff from Creatureplica and all seemed fine. That is until around ten minutes later when YouTube smacked us with a copyright infringement notice and muted the audio in the video. Turns out that there was a certain Eagles song playing in the background as Chad was talking with Jeff. They call it Victim of Love, I say Victim of REALLY??? So, we are now outlaws.

On the brighter side, Chad did get an audio interview with Jeff and his sculptor, Jean St. Jean that we will be trying to get posted as soon as possible. Stay tuned, and whilst you wait visit Jeff and Jean at

Curse you Don Henley!