The Show

Two friends with a shared passion for the paranormal get together and discuss the weird, wonderful, and unusual in the world around us.  Topics range from UFOs to cryptids, hauntings to the unexplained. It can be light-hearted.  It can be dark.  Sometimes it might even be a study in stream of consciousness.  Hopefully, it turns out entertaining in the end.    So come join in on the fun with a Pair O' Normal Guys.

The Guys



Chad has had a long time interest in the paranormal, growing up with shows like In Search Of, and reading numerous books.  After having a few odd encounters of his own he became active in paranormal research.  This, in turn, has given Chad the opportunity to speak with a great number of ghost hunters, UFOlogists, and Bigfoot researchers.

Chad on the set of Pineapple Express

Nice cans!


Chris has always had a love for the weird and unusual.  It may have began, however, from reading Mysteries of the Unknown after school at his Grandparents house.  Despite this he still maintains a slight bit of skepticism and likes to question, well, everything.  His main area of interest in the paranormal world is cryptids (except the Orang Pendek, but that's another story).